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After Oleg and Tolyan found a bed for the night, they decided to celebrate it. Oleg didn't like that Tolyan drank a lot, so he took all the alcohol from him. But he didn't know that it was dangerous for Tolyan to be sober

Take the role of Oleg and escape from Tolyan.

How to play:

WASD - Movement
Mouse - Look Around
E - Use
L Shift - Sprint
L Ctrl - Crouch
F - Flashlight

Updated 23 days ago
Published 27 days ago
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Unreal Engine


DTTB.zip 285 MB

Install instructions

Unpack the archive and run  "Do not touch the Tolain Beer.exe "

Development log


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Played this game and I loved it, it stressed me out so freaking much. Mad props to you for making this game! 


Great Game! the built up anxiety is terrifiyng!

Loved the cardboard aesthetic, the song that plays on the chase sequences is freaking awesome and I'm thankful for the fact that we don't "lose progress" when Tolyan finds us! All in all, fantastic game! Keep up the good work!

this game is honestly so so awesome, and I'd love to see it as a larger release or maybe a sequel? seriously, play this little gem (the cardboard graphics are so cool)

also here's a video i made on tolyan, so much fun!

Would love to see more!!! Make the game an map Harder

good game, but I hate how pressing E, which is the interact button, drops the item in your hand

a fairly basic game, but really well executed! Bravo!


Awesome game

(1 edit)


Would love to see more!!!



The game itself is maybe a tad too easy, but it was a lot of fun to play and looks great!

Really good game. Keep it up!

Great game, good work :)


this gives me a bendy and the ink machine vibe

great game really scary! No commentary gameplay

Что я могу сказать.. интересная поигрулька. В ней очень приятный картонный стиль, который почему то дает ощущение ламповости, и играть банально приятно. Как хоррор она тоже весьма неплохая, и в иные моменты может знатно напугать, даже при всей своей комичности. А финал весьма странный и угарный. Естественно, не без косяков обошлось. Во первых, иногда при заходе в игру она может просто зависнуть без каких либо ошибок, такое же происходит в случае, если попробовать сменить настройки графики прямо в игре(не в меню). Я играл только в самую исходную версию, не в апдейт, так что, возможно, это уже было исправлено, но, так или иначе, я сказал те ошибки, которые сам увидел. А, ну , еще, есть кинуть красный ключ прямо с места, где ты его взял(видно на видео, как и остальные ошибки), то он может банально изчезнуть в текстурах. Ну, если говорить в общем, то игра и правда хорошая, видно, что автор над ней хорошо постарался, а музыка крайне топовая и мне она дико понравилась(насколько я знаю, она без АП, за что лайк). Ну и вот, вроде все описал, так что пожелаю удачи автору в разработках, эта игра вышла таки неплохая)

Gotta be four loko!!!


Dope Character Design

Great visuals.

This game scared the crap out of me


You'll Never Guess What Happens If You Touch Tolyan Beer!

Interesting game and visuals. 


Great game! I’ll never touch Tolyan’s beer again!

Good game! It's fun... Simple objective & I like the arts... Looking forward to your next project... Wish you enjoy my gameplay...  😊

He just wants me to get a good night's rest.

Really enjoyed this game but i wished there was more to this game.

I had a lot of fun playing, great game!!!

This was a great and fun game! Got caught off guard by Tolyan's speed a few times lol had a lot of fun playing!

Поездатая игра

Great Game!! Really fun to play and he jumpscares got me a few time too. Also. I'm really digging the cardboard style too!

This game is going to blow up, just wait! I love the art style with this! Wish the ending had a bit more clarity, just seemed sudden. Very fun though!

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